February 4th, 2005

Checking my watch

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This really won't do. I'm flipped into nocturnal mode. Feeling really rough from the trip back still. I need to do lots of day time stuff and I've gone all dusk till dawn.

I've been doing stuff like paying bills, sorting out paperwork, trying to get edoom to work on my phone (it wouldn't), put Dead Stars on phone as ringtone.

All I have to do is stay awake for 15 hours and I think I'll be fine. Cold showers and coffee all day then.
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Checking my watch

(no subject)

February the 12th will be the birthday of Mr Mycroft Holmes. A small group of Diogenese Club members are proposing a little gathering at the Cittie Of Yorke Public House, 22 High Holborn, London, UK.

As we all know Mycroft is one of the most unsociable men in London (indeed the Empire) and as such he is unlikely to attend himself. However I am sure he will be please the passing of his 158th birthday will not go un marked.

We will be raising a glass at around 12 midday.

Consult your Bradshaw for travel details.