March 29th, 2005

Checking my watch

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Went up to Leeds with Uncle Nemesis and Andi on Sunday to see a whole load of bands at Beyond The Veil. BTV must be goth's best kept secret. I'm surprised by the comments it receives *I've never heard of any of those bands" being the most repeated. It's precisely because there's a whole pile of new acts to the UK I like the festival.

This year we only went up for the Sunday night.

The line up was

Opened Paradise (Greece)
Voices of Masada (UK)
Agonised by Love (Poland)
Violet Stigmata (France)
Murder at the Registry (Germany)

Unfortunately Last Days of Jesus (Slovakia)had to pull out. Pity as they were rather good last year and being Easter there was a nice little joke I could of made about them being back on Easter Sunday just like Jesus.

The hotel is undergoing some sort of make over. Why the interior designers thought a Victorian building would benefit from a 1970s style refit is beyond me. I wonder if there's a 1970's concrete and class box shape hotel the same firm is decorating in an 1890s style. But I guess I can't talk living in a 1930s flat with pretensions of Sherlock Holmes rooms in Baker Street.

Joined Fat Fighters this morning. Think I'll try and bring a halt to my body's aspiration of making me into the 1 ton goth. I'm taking control. Collapse )

I can't get my head around the points system and I fear I may be too thick to diet using this system and as my first target is lose 10% of my body weight it may be easier to just cut my hair off.
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Checking my watch

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In order to get myself off to a good start at Fat Club, I'm going to cut down on the old beer. This may prove difficult as Thursday night is the last Princess Louise, Friday night is Uncle Nemesis's birthday and we're going to Dead and Buried, then there's Whitby at the end of the month.