June 12th, 2005

Checking my watch

Today I have

Been over to see Uncle Nemesis and put a new drive belt on his Harley-Davidson lawnmower.

Got some photos off of a dead XD memory card belonging to Uncle Nemesis.

Been shopping in the Tesco

Sorted through a couple of boxes and reduced them to recycling, shredding and a couple of bits left over to keep.

I have finally given up with the monitor I use for my main PC. I just tried looking at it with my glasses on and I can see just how bad the display has become. I tried fiddling with it some more but it's still unbearably fuzzy. So I just ordered a new one. I didn't really want to but I'm getting a headache looking at this one.

Tomorrow Neil is helping me to start moving stuff around at the unit.

Now I'm pottering around hoping Ari will call.
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    Me eyes are all fuzzy :-(