June 23rd, 2005

Checking my watch

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I was happily chatting to Ari and quite content (or as near to content as I can be with her 5000 miles away) to spend the whole evening talking. However she had to go to work. So I'm feeling a little lonely the cat's asleep. I'm hot. I want to soak in the bath but feel too lazy and knackered to move the washing that's hanging over the bath.

Went to the dentist (hygienist) today. Spent an hour getting my pearlies all cleaned up. Funny how they feel now... all smooth. I didn't think they were that bad but there's a remarkable difference now.

Went over to the units of DOOM. They are really getting me down. By the time I get over there I'm too knackered to do much. I just seem to be picking at the job and every day I can't get the small unit empty is costing money.

Had a bit of a finance shock today. I have to finally do what everyone's been tell me to. Oh and guess what? It involved filling out forms. Also my UK paper driving licence is looking a bit old (because it is old). So in order that I can drive when in the USA I have to fill in yet another BLOODY FORM! To get a photocard and new paper driving licence. I think I'll have to go down the cafe and have a strong cup of coffee to cope with that form. I have a feeling Ari and I are going to have a plethora of forms to fill in together.
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