June 29th, 2005

Checking my watch

Random Up Date stuff

Finally nearing an end of all the stuff I've had to do in the fall out from my mother's death and my father's illness. So now the grief has started. Sort of feeling relieved that I am after all human and feeling generally down.

Got to keep busy.

Decided that what I want more than anything else is to be with Ari. I Want to move to Texas... Well to be more accurate, I want to move anywhere Ari is.

Update on stuff that I've been doing apart from sorting out piles of stuff in storage units.

Went to see "Sherlock Holmes... the last act". Roger Llewellyn is excellent as Holmes as well as playing Watson, Lestrade, Professor Moriarty not to mention Mrs Hudson. This was on Sunday, took The Goth Ruth of Much Glamness who seemed to enjoy Middle Farm more and was a little freaked out when I decided to stride off into the country side. But as usual Ruth was most excellent company and a jolly good map-reader to boot.

Today I tried and failed to set up a new PC for her. Well it's an old PC really but I should of done while I took her old PC out and shot it... I mean fixed it. However the one thing I couldn't test at home was the modem, well not without taking up floorboards (don't ask, it seemed like a good idea at the time). Modem wouldn't play ball. Got another modem from home, no drivers... Download what should of been the driver for this modem. IT BLOODY WASN'T... Grrrrr! Hopefully her PC will benefit from the removal of 48 bits of spyware I found on it. I will return with more software and tools when I have time for a longer day of PC kicking ;-)

Oh and worst of all... I put on 2lbs this week... %@#"!!!!!
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