July 2nd, 2005

Checking my watch

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I really couldn't think why I had set the alarm this morning. I looked at it half expecting an explanation as to why it was waking me up. I was also puzzled as to why it was still going "BING,BING,BING!" after I had hit the off button. As I came to a little more I realised I had hit the clock and it was my phone that was set to alarm and I was looking at the alarm clock expecting a memo like the ones I leave on my phone/PDA to remind me why I set the alarm.

A mug of coffee soon sorted out my head and I moved on to the usual games of the morning: Like hunt the shoe and feed the cat.

Met up with Ian for breakfast... And then victorian_heart arrived at the cafe to pick up the corset that glamgothruthy asked me to sell. I hadn't met victorian_heart IRL before and I'm pleased I can now put a person to the posts. I would of liked to chat longer and ask lots about Highgate but she did have two young ladies eager to get down to some serious shopping with her.

Ian and I moved on to the computer fair. Lots of lovely gadgets but not enough money. I had to get a few blank DVDs and some sleeves but no computer toys this week.

I also had to take back some earphones to a shop in Tottenham Court Road. I (as usual) had imagined all sorts of arguments and worked myself into quite a state. I really don't like conflict... but they were the wrong earphones for my mobile and I wanted the right ones and if it meant an argument then by the Gods they were going to get the mother, father and baby brother of all arguments... Needless to say they changed the earphones without a word.