August 18th, 2005

Checking my watch

Home Again, But Not For Long.

As seen in previous post I had a couple of days down in devon. Stayed with the wonderful Nora. I really like staying at Nora's place. It's totally not what I'm used to, it's a very lively household, dogs running around, Charlie running around, Rachel being quite reading.... I got there around lunchtime and wandered down to the harbor to find Nora's dad. He like to hang around down there and to tell the truth, it's very pleasant to go hang out with him and watch the boats come go.

Went snorkeling in the bay on Tuesday afternoon.

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Came home vis R.J.s We decided on a weekend trip to Devon for more snorkeling... I phoned Nora to check if she was going to be around and if I could pick up the rest of my dad's stuff.... Had sort of thought RJ and I could of got B&B but Nora offered to put us up. :-) So Saturday morning I'm off to Swindon to pick up R.J.

Off to London later to look at flippers and earplugs.. I found my ears were hurting a little the deeper I went.