September 29th, 2005

Checking my watch

Strange Dreams

I just woke-up from a dream about the crap new brickwork around my garden. This is starting to build up into something bigger than it should be. I think I may be putting all my worries into this one small problem. Uncle Nemesis has taken a look at the offending walls and here's what he emailed to me...

Bricks: this is such a bad job it would be funny if it wasn't your own wall. I particularly like the section where they belatedly realised the new brickwork would end up about an inch lower than the
existing they put down an extra thick layer of mortar to compensate. Classy touch, that! It would be difficult to fix this bit without knocking the whole thing down and starting again. If that's a bit too much, the easy solution would be to hide the crapwork under some attractive trailing plants.

I asked Uncle Nem to look at it because he's a bloody good brick layer. He built an extension to his house and it looks like it was built at the dame time. Anyway I just phoned the managing agent about my wall problem... of course the main man wasn't in, but it seems the builders have been called back. I wonder what they've done. I'm guessing they didn't knock the whole thing down. It's a good idea to hide the offending crapness with plants but I'm paying for this work and I'm worried hat because of the crapness of the leasehold system and the crapness of the managing agents I will be expected to put up with the crapness of the builders.

In other news... I fancy breakfast at Denny's, a big grease ball veg omelet would be just the thing right now. Washed down with 10 cups of coffee... Mmmmm... yum.

Didn't go to Fat Fighters yesterday, didn't get up in time. Just as well as I guess I've put on about 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks. We'll see on Tuesday when I go to my local meeting in the UK.

Hope to go out to the big antique warehouse type places today. There's one here that has a $9000 display case I like, but I can't afford $9000 so I have a cunning plan. I'm going to photograph it and build acopy. The curved glass will present a small problem but acrylic sheet may work.

It's starting to get light here. Ari's asleep. I think I'll go load the dish washer.