November 14th, 2005

Checking my watch

Ari is on her way home...

Took Ari to the airport this morning. I don't like goodbyes and I'm not very good at them. It aways seems like we're parting at one airport or another... Can't be the case as we must be meeting an equal number of time too... but I just seem to notice the parting more.

I cut my right index finger, on Saturday night, knocked over a glass and tried to catch it. I think this is the deepest cut I've had in a digit. This gets added to my other injery, a big bruise on my belly where I walked into the kitchen door handle as I stuck some stuff in the recycling bin outside... I seem to be getting very clumsy.

Went to pick up a parcel after dropping Ari off. It's an 80mm punch for cutting holes in sheet metal. It's much heavier than I imagined it would be... I wonder how heavy the 120mm cutter will be? Can't wait to try it but need to get other stuff done.

Stripped down the Glam Goth Ruthy PC when I got in to try and find why it wouldn't work. Pulled it to bits and it's now spread out on the bench and hay presto! I've got it working. Think I'll leave it in it's stripped down form and see if it'll load up with WinD'oh!z XP.

In other news today...

I tried to drop in at my storage unit, I forgot my keys.

Tried to drop in on Dave, he didn't seem to be in.

Came home to an empty flat.

Feeling very lonely already, but hove a tone of stuff to do.
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