November 17th, 2005

Checking my watch

I feel a bit queer...

Couldn't get up this morning... Didn't sleep well, was worrying about Ari's son, who got knocked off his bike by a car last night. He must be reasonably OK because the hospital sent him home. I'll be much happier when I get a full report tonight.

So now I'm worried about Ari, her son and the kitten with the wonky leg (who I've named Tony Bellini)... All 4 kittens in the litter are known as The Incredible Tumbling Bellinis. They are a troop of Italian acrobat cats who solve crimes using their circus skills.

I'm feeling very under the weather, funny taste in my mouth, arm very odd, lightheadedness... If this is blood poisoning I don't much care for it. Went to my GP surgery, couldn't quite remember where it was it's been so long since I went there. Anyway.. After a bit of a struggle with the receptionist I have an appointment for 4:40pm this afternoon.

Had a weird dream about Ari and I having two swimming pools in her house. Chris, his friends and I were taking turns diving for a big coin we had found and Ari came and pulled the plug on the pool while we were in here. Then we were having an argument about her wanting to empty them each day and refill them because the water was "dirty" I was say things like "That's what the filters are for..." and "have you any idea how much water costs?" There was a water-meter with a till roll of paper in the water meter totting up the cost so we did know exactly how much it was costing. Having never owned a swimming pool I don't know why I was suddenly the expert. In this dream Ari had got the big swimming pool carpeted inside... and the small one had been wallpapered on one side with burgundy and gold (1970s style indian restaurant) flocked paper.

This dream was partly triggered by Helen writing to me telling me she had a dream about me having two swimming pools and living in her mum's old house. Now I'm having strange thoughts about a dream virus where people describe their dreams and the virus spreads living at night in in infected peoples dreams.
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