November 18th, 2005

Checking my watch


I'm not sure I like Flucloxacillin. They seem to be doing strange things to my bowels, trust me you don't want to know anymore.

Only had a very brief email from Ari. Chris OK. I still want full details, who?, what?, when?, where?.

Ari said Tony Bellini has been to the vet about his leg and is now Tina Bellini. This prompted me to wonder why the vet thought a sex change was a good treatment for a wonky leg.

And in other bizarre thoughts today.
I saw a headline for the Evening Standard. GIRL EATING HER SELF TO DEATH, for one moment I had a mental picture of contortionist tucking into her own foot.
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Checking my watch

Kitten update

Tina Bellini has a bit of a problem with her front leg. Sounds as if her tibia and fibula aren't formed properly. The vet is going to consult with someone who knows more about cat bones. Worst case is she'll lose her leg. I've seen 3 legged cats before (Ari's had one her self) and they don't seem too bothered and it didn't slow down the one who used to follow me down my road. Apparently Tina Bellini is running around on her 3 good legs just fine already.

I have asked for photos of all the Bellinis but I think Ari is holding kitten cuteness back in case I start asking if we can keep them all.

Chris still has all his legs, I'm very pleased to say. Ari told me the intersection where it happened. I don't like crossing there myself. Pedestrians don't get enough time to cross (even if you sprint you can't get across in the time the green guy is up there) and drivers don't seem to look right before turning right... Guess it comes as a bit of a shock to see pedestrians.
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