December 12th, 2005

Checking my watch

3am and only the only sounds are hum of computer fans and a softly snoring cat.

Nora, Colin, Rachel and Charlie came over tonight. Strange to see them in my flat, but nice too see them anywhere.

My birthday presents have finally been delivered... Wow! has it been that long since I was down in Devon. I now have a very handy camping multitool and a fab black T-shirt with "CREW" written on it. I shouldn't of got Colin that captain's hat. I'll have to wear the "CREW" T-shirt when I next go down to see them especially when I'm fitting the ship to shore radio in Captain Colin's boat.

I really should be in bed by now. But the old brain's been working overtime on various PC problems.

The new PC is laid out on the bench all working (touch wood). Tomorrow I put it in the new case.

Meeting my uncle for a pint at lunch time at the Sherlock Holmes Publichouse. Exchange of presents, cards, and no doubt... (Dave avert ye eyes from the screen less they offend thee) some mince pies</>.
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