February 27th, 2006

Checking my watch

Nearly time to go home

I've been in the US for about a month... and it seems like I've only been here a week or so. Time has flown by. Really going to miss Ari when I get home.

So my plan is... Go home on Friday. Please, please let it be a less than full plane like my flight over, then I can stretch out and sleep all the wy home.

I have a ton of work to do once I get home, see accountant, see solicitor, do a little work around the flat, start the big ebay push and get rid of tons of stuff. So 2 months work then back to Texas for May.

If I'm feeling up to it I may be down the White Swan in Twickers Sunday if anyone wants to catch up... if not I'll be in the Tottenham Court Road ara on the 11th March around lunch time after a computer fair fix.