March 6th, 2006

Checking my watch

Mark Rimmell & Friends In 7 Hour Pub Ordeal

Sunday's afternoon / evening down the White Swan seems to have helped the jet lag I'm feeling. Beer and friends kept me awake I was in bed by 10:30pmish and just woke up at 8am.

It was really good to see Marc, Russell, Ruth, Unx & Andi.

I really have to be operating on office hours this week so it's good to be awke and seeming to be working on London time.

I am off to the cafe for breakfast then have to start phoning loads of people who are demanding money off me: Insurance policies to be paid, car breakdown to be paid, freeholders want ground rent and maintenance money... I'll be broke by lunchtime.
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Checking my watch


I've payed all my bills, booked some fun stuff to do in April... Just hope it's not all booked up, more later on that if I can go.

Just booked my next flight to USA, paid insurance for trip, booked cat in to cat hotel (Unx will be away too).

I have made appointments to be in two places at once tomorrow... OK I can do this Just need to bend time or space.

Talked to Nora this morning... Hope to go down to see them all soon.

And I just got the following message on yahoo messenger from Ari "?"][47777777777777777" I'm guessing a cat has just walked across the keyboard.
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