March 17th, 2006

Checking my watch

I can not find...

The black plastic tray that goes in my printer so I can print on CDs and DVDs.

A roll of white plastic trim.

I'm going to deal with this problem in two ways:

1. Moan to anybody who happens to read my LJ

2. Go down the cafe for breakfast
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Checking my watch

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I have found the aforementioned roll of white plastic trim. I have now used all of the aforementioned roll of white plastic trim. STILL CAN'T FIND THE CD/DVD PRINTING TRAY... GRRRR!

I have also painted the grill for my radiator cover (the wrong colour).

Glued 12 bits of wood together in a cunning configuration that will raise my new chest of draws to within a smidgen the correct height. I will add the smidgen when I fit the casters.

Found time to have coffee with piercedandproud and bird_mad_girl... and was reminded that bird_mad_girl undid my shirt last night and showed everyone in the pub my pierced nipples. Well I guess it's more a effective way of clearing a pub than calling "time gentleman please".

Now I'm at one of those points where I can't do any more work until paint and glue has dried. Just have to curl-up on the sofa and read then.
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