April 10th, 2006

Me as Sherlock

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A quick up-date...


Went to talk on pipe making, had Champaign for breakfast, said "Turkish Slipper" when I should of said "Persian Slipper" (fully expect to get drummed out of Sherlock Holmes Soc for that faux par), met RJ for lunch, came home, got changed for dinner and music hall in the evening, see below for photo of Victorian Mark.


RJ crashed on the bed of inflatableness. We went for breakfast. Went for long walk along the river, undid any good it my have done us by stopping at pub in Teddington. Went for curry... Watched Japanorama, phoned Ari, then went to sleep.


RJ Went home. I went for breakfast with Neil, didn't think much of the very weak coffee. Went to storage unit. Neil helped me repack stuff, clear out stuff, dismantle 2 shelving units. Took a tone of stuff to the dump, came home had lunch, reassembled shelving units in main bedroom which is starting to resemble a warehouse.

Had dinner with Neil, watched a couple of episodes of Deadwood then Neil headed off to his digs.... Phoned Ari Said I would put photo of me on this LJ... Which brings me right up to now.
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