May 9th, 2006

Checking my watch

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It's 6 am ish and I can't sleep... so here's an up date.

Last time I was over visiting Ari I was working on translating a 1929 silent movie from Italian to English. It was thought to be a lost film but an Italian print survives, but all the captions are in Italian of course. With the help of a couple of translation Websites and a good old fashioned paper dictionary. I went through about 160 captions slowly (slowly because I only know enough Italian to order a bottle of wine) word for word then still had to turn it back into English from some very strange literal translations. This visit I have been restoring the captions to the film and turning it into a DVD. We watched the first draft tonight and it was strange to see the film in real time for the first time. All the other times I had been pausing the film to take notes or shuttling back and forth positioning the new captions in the video editing software.

The film is called Seven Footsteps To Satan. Here is the IMDB listing.

It seems the film was made as a "talkie" but that is really lost. Many early "talkies" made during the transition from silent to sound were also released as silent captioned films for distribution to the theaters that didn't yet have sound installed.

In other news....

We got a power saw yesterday so I can build some cat zones outside... Photos of that when I start work.

Went for Mexican food last night... yummy :-)

Found an Indian veg restaurant... will try that out before I go home.

Snorkeling in west Texas looks as if it's off :-( But I guess I'll get my underwater fix as soon as the water around Devon and Cornwall warms up.
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Checking my watch

Tornado Warning

This is all very exciting... Television just got interrupted by a tornado warning. Watching the news now and there is a tornado that has reported to of touched down in Anna (about an hour north up the highway from us). Reports of golf ball size hail.

We had some lightening earlier but nothing like what they are reporting on TV right now.

I guess this is the sort of weird weather I'm going to have to get used to.