June 5th, 2006

Checking my watch

This is the way to start the week...

Woke up at 7am... Surprisingly refreshed after only 4 hours sleep. Bumbled around the flat, had coffee, checked email, listened to Radio 4 (nice to be able to hear Radio 4 with the programmes at the right time of day again).

Went down to the post office to collect a packet they couldn't get through my letter box while I was away... Couldn't think what it was going to be. Turned out to be a rather nice surprise from Claudia, Sarah Bernhardt: The Art of High Drama. Book of the exhibition I missed in New York. I am considerably chuffed. So I'm torn now between sitting in the café in the park reading this book and going to my storage unit then on to the dump. Anyway while I contemplate that dilemma.. Also included it the package is a photo of a fat bloke... Oh hang on that's a photo of me Claudia took in Bath...

In other news...

Moses seems to have settled back into his old routine.

I am thinking of going to a cricket match. Usually I do not hold with spectator sports but as this is 1895 rules and the teams are The Sherlock Holmes Society of London V The P G Wodehouse Society I am tempted... Sounds like a good excuse for a picnic and wear Victorian costume.

The world will not end tomorrow as forecast.

The reason aluminium is spelt "aluminum" in the USA and pronounced strangely is because of spelling mistakes in adverts for talks by Hans Ørsted (he was the bloke who discovered it and named it).
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