June 6th, 2006

Checking my watch

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Well that was the day the world was going to end then was it?

Of course the number of the boast is really 616 or 618 or ... and thanks to a miss-translation it became 666... So I guess the world ended on the 6th of January or the 1st of June depending if you're in the USA or the rest of the world. Also the calender is wrong if counting from the birth of Jesus as it's argued by clever people (wot 'ave studied this) that he was born in September around 5AD... And I may be wrong but wasn't 666 (616) a reference to Caligula? And he's dead so no harm there.

I was once told by someone that he refused to believe that Jesus was born at any other time than was stated in the Bible... Namely 25th December the year 0... And no he wouldn't have it that there was no year 0 and he nearly exploded when I told him 25th of December was pinched off the pagans... Wouldn't talk to me after that so I couldn't ask where said the year and date in the Gospels.

Anyway back to today...
Didn't even see one rapture... Very disappointed.