June 8th, 2006

Checking my watch

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Not sure what time I gave up and went to bed last night, somewhere between 7 and 8 I think. Just woke up I guess 4am is better than 2am. I was really struggling last night it was becoming physically painful very much like ME at it's worst (I really don't want to go back there).

Well I'm up now and I was thinking I had a dream Ari had booked a flight... Just checked my email and she has... or I'm still dreaming. She arrives 17th July.

The dawn chorus has started, and it's getting light outside. I think I'll go for a ride when it gets a little brighter around 5:30ish, may take some coffee and ride down the river.
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Checking my watch

I had no idea...

I was thinking about setting up my vinyl decks this morning and what I would play first. I had a hankering to hear the Robert Rental - Thomas Leer LP The Bridge. I thought I'd do a google on Robert Rental. Just found out Robert died of lung cancer 6 years ago :-(

When they make Mark Rimmell the movie I want The Bridge album and the live one sided album he did with Daniel Miller as the soundtrack.
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