June 19th, 2006

Checking my watch

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Had a call from Paul last night.. Good to hear from him. Seems he's been giving his students a hard time for going to see the Rolling Stones... I have to agree that if that's the best 19 year olds can hope for in this day and age it's a sad state of affairs. I mean, it's like punk never happened.

Got up this morning a little later than I set teh alarm for... to find Neil up and ready to go.

We spent the day clearing out my storage unit... Pile of dead video equipment went to the dump.

Three car loads of stuff to be ebayed off came back to my flat.

Neil's trimming my hedge right now... I hope he finishes soon as I'm going to drag him down the pub...

Tomorrow I hope to be carting a ton of stuff to the charity shop. And try and move a four draw filing cabinet... Anyone know how to get the draws out of old filing cabinets?

Also I booked Moses into the cat hotel for Christmas and booked a flight for me to Texas to spend Christmas with Ari.
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