June 23rd, 2006

Checking my watch


I can't sleep, so like the fool I am I thought filling in a few National Insurance forms would be nice and relaxing. Even getting all the forms I need took an hour of reading to workout which ones I need.

I guess filling in the boxes with terms such as "Haven't a clue" and "Not even the foggiest idea" or "It was ages ago! Why would I remember?" won't really help.

I just want to pay the voluntary contribution. I mean I want to give HM Revenue and Customs money... Why would they make it so difficult? I'm sure they collect information just for the sake of it. I'll try sending in only one form (the one I can complete) and see what happens.

I still haven't heard from Jobcentreplus... I even sent the letter Recorded this time (sneaky huh?).
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Checking my watch

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Rolled over this morning and pulled my neck and shoulder. Either I need a new mattress or a new chair in front of the computer or a new body or all three.

Going to try and phone the Jobcentre. ROTFL