June 29th, 2006

Checking my watch

Thursday moring, up and there's no coffee :-(

I set the alarm for 4am... I had a cunning plan to go and see if Asda had real people on their checkouts at night. However around 2:30am I saw the folly of this plan an switched off the alarm. Only to find myself wide awake at 5am. Couldn't quite remember where the 24 hour Asda was but I have TomTom (fat load of use she was). I'd been before and didn't like it much. But in my quest to find the perfect shopping experience I was willing to give it a try. I have already established that the perfect supermarket experience can only be archived in the early hours of the morning. It has to be after the dope-heads with munchies have gone to bed so after 4am and before the morning rush-hour starts around 7:30am.

I set off with TomTom map reading. TomTom seemed to think it was way too early and resolutely refused to believe we were any where other than home until we got to Adsa. The trick seems to be take out map card switch on, switch off put card back in switch on again.

Adsa is not my ideal supermarket but as Tesco has ruined 24hour shopping by only having auto(unexpected item in the bagging area)matic check(item removed from bagging area)outs, I have to cast my net wider. I know I'm a looney for wanting to do my shopping without the hustle bustle of humanity around me but there you go. I find I still don't like Asda but they do have the advantage of having a real person on the till... At least they did around 6am. So I'm not sure what to do. I don't like shopping during the day, I don't like Adsa much, I fecking hate automatic checkouts, and Tesco never once got my order correct when I did home shopping.

Other than that I'm feeling pretty bouncy. I'm off camping in Devon tomorrow with ian_wyrdness and RJ. Tonight ian_wyrdness and I will drink beer at The Blue Posts.
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Checking my watch

Well that's the day's work done... I'm going back to bed.

I escaped from the Dungeon of Moses The Cat!

I killed Polycat the gelatinous cube, Missjinny the nymph, Katnip Dreams the leprechaun, Sebastian Dash the cockatrice and Nemesis To Go the leprechaun.

I looted the Wand of Nine Lives, the Crown of Bird Mad Girl, the Armour of Sitting On Laps, the Armour of Tom & Jerry, the Sceptre of Sheba, the Dagger of Stroking, the Sword of Tuna and 87 gold pieces.

Score: 187

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Checking my watch

Stuff, stuff, and more stuff.

I was joking about going back to be earlier... I wish I'd had time. I got up at 5am and haven't really stopped since.

Stuff put on sale on ebay.

Stuff filed away.

Stuff washed.

More stuff washed.

Need to load camping stuff into car.

Only 2 and a half hours and I need to go for beers.
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