August 6th, 2006

Checking my watch

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This being ill lark is getting in the way of having fun...

Yesterday we drove out to Gloucestershire for a friend's birthday party in the woods. Wonderful setting and a chance to camp out in the woods... Had to come home as I was cold but sweating. Much coughing too. But it was a really nice party and pleased I got to go.

Today picnic in the park. I had to slip away and come home to bed... Just woke up... I could call and find out which pub friends ended up in but by the time I got my act together I think it would be closing time.

On the up side at least I did get to both events. On the down side this chest thing is beginning to get me down.

Ari has just over 24 hours left in the UK. I think I'll hide her tickets and passport for another couple of weeks ;-)