September 12th, 2006

Checking my watch

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Terrible night last night. Couldn't sleep then when I did sleep I had nightmares.

I need to get to the Royal Mail sorting office before 12:30, that's when they close which is of course an utterly ridiculous time to close.

Can't really get my self together this morning. Maybe a coffee will help.
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Checking my watch

(no subject)

Financially the rest of the month is a bit complicated for me. So I've done a "Rest of The Month" spreadsheet. Much to my relief it seems I may be still in the black come the end of the month (touch-wood), and may even have a bob or two for an ale on my birthday.

I've just found my local library are doing free trial downloads of audio books. Can't remember my pin number for the library so I'll pop in there tomorrow and see what the deal is.

In other news today.

The arms have fallen off my computer chair. On closer inspection to see if it could be repaired I found most of the bolts that hold the chair to it's base have snapped off as well. Quite what's holding it together is a bit of a mystery.