October 31st, 2006

Checking my watch

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One more day and I'll be storage unit free. I tried to cram the last few bits in the car this afternoon but they weren't going to fit... So I'll pop over tomorrow and that will be it all done.

I really wasn't sure if I would tell this story because frankly... I saw it all and I don't believe it. I was driving back from my unit (car crammed full). For those who know my area I went round the back of Isleworth just past the London Apprentice pub I notice what looked very much like a folded 10 pound note in the middle of the road. I drove over it checked no one was behind me and stopped. Got out of the car and looked back... sure enough it really did look like £10... I was about to walk back and pick it up when...

A magpie hopped over picked it up and flew off.

Anyone know any good augurs? That's got to mean something.

Amended... original said Brentford... meant Isleworth... D'oh!
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