November 30th, 2006

Checking my watch


Spent nearly four hours on the phone to Paul last night... Looks like next year is going to be fun, a trip to Rome is on the cards. And much plotting for a new project. Finally crawled into bed sometime between 3am and 4am. Didn't sleep well, woke up repeatedly...

Very nice lady from Comet phoned me this morning, apologised for all the trouble I've had with the store down in Devon and told me they would be giving me a full refund for the satnav of crapness. That's a bit more like the service I was expecting.

Had a coffee at the cafe and finished off some paperwork... The cafe is becoming my office.

Spent the afternoon with Demetra at her place. Really good to see her and Sini after so long. Got fed, drank wine and caught up with all things Demetra-like and Sini-esque.

Came home amid the last of the rush hour. Very pleased to find Ari's back on-line having had her wifi sorted. Called Ari and told her about my day. I'll be in Texas in 5 days :-)

Still a pile of things to do before Monday.

Right now I need sleep. Early start tomorrow.... Need to do a pile of stuff before the afternoon then it's off to London again. Meeting Ian at the Blue Posts... Hey Ian I owe you dinner. Want to eat at the pub? Text me when you have an ETA...
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Checking my watch

Flippin' 'eck!

I wish I was getting my US dollars today... One UK pound buys you $1.956!

On the down side when Ari comes over it's going to seem even more incredibly expensive.