December 3rd, 2006

Checking my watch


One of the problems (many problems) of having a leasehold flat is maintaining the outside... You can't just do it yourself. OH NO! If you want anything done to the outside the freeholders must be contacted and the work must be carried out by a company or tradesman who has public liability insurance. The ability to do the job comes second to having public liability insurance, in practice so long as they have public liability insurance any old fool can have ago. This has been demonstrated to me a good number of times over the 20 years I've had my flat. The saga of the walls earlier this year was a good example. A few other cases that spring to mind are: Blocked a drain pipe with a chisel, demolished walls with their van, painted plastic pipes with paint that melted the pipes, dumped rubble in my garden, broke roof tiles, spent most of the day sat in the van smoking and reading the paper...

The latest example is the aerial saga. I know had I been able to go out and choose, buy, then fit my own aerial it would still be working fine. It would of worked fine from the start, I would not of cut off my neighbours aerial, I would not have had to keep going back up on the roof tinkering with it, nor would I have had to give myself lame reasons why I wasn't getting good reception from the wretched thing.

So do I get another muppet round to fart around with this? He will undoubtedly miss appointments, try and sell me another aerial, point it in another direction, tell me I have the wrong roof tiles, wrong digital box, too many VCRs and DVD players, too many thick buildings between me and the transmitter, bad electricity in my flat...
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