February 16th, 2007

Checking my watch

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I got home from the Funeral this afternoon and dozed on the sofa, tried to watch a couple of vids but kept falling asleep. Woke-up with a stiff neck around 7pm and decided to crawl into bed.

I just woke-up around 11:45 now my back hurts too. I am old Mr Crumbly.

I could do with something to eat but investigating the fridge, freezer and cupboard revealed just the right combination of ingredients to stump a chef on Ready Steady Cook. I so need to learn to cook. I freely admit to being the worlds worst cook. Every wonder why Mr Rimmell never invites his friends round for diner? It's because he likes his friends and wants to keep them.

Well I think I'll give the cupboard and fridge a clear out later, most of what's in there looks out of date. Do they still pack olives in amphora?  I may take a drive to a 24 hour store to restock.
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