March 5th, 2007

Checking my watch

It's 2:47am and I can't sleep....

I would like to take advantage of this being awake thing... but if I start moving boxes around at this time of the morning I risk waking the people above me... Living in a flat can be so crap... Maybe if I play some really loud music they won't be able to hear me moving boxes around.

On second thoughts I'll go and read.... I only logged on to see if there was any news on lady_gaslight's chap... Seems there is and I am pleased to see it's good news.

I wonder if the neighbors can hear one of the fans on this PC... it's started to make quite a bit of noise every now and then.... I'll investigate a replacement tomorrow.
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Checking my watch

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I guess I should of taken a closer look at the noisy fan last night. This morning the PC (which is my back up PC) was dead. It turned out the fan in question was the CPU fan... I tried dismantling the fan and heatsink to clean it but there was only a little fluff in side. Put it back together and the fan failed completely, I guess it was on the way out.

The dead fan is a 60mm. I don't have any spare 60mm fans. But I do have an 60mm to 80mm adapter. Long story short my CPU is now being cooled by a 80mm Cooler Master fan which is glowing red thanks to 4 LEDs... This looks a little alarming as the heatsink is also glowing red.

In a frantic search for some bolts to put this together I remembered there was a tool box, amongst my dad's belongings, full of Meccano. I quick look through the box and I found 4 of the longest bolts but they looked to be just a little to short. However as luck would have it ... they self tapped into the plastic adapter perfectly.

Now I need to order a new adapter so I can still do the air flow test on various fans, I think I will order a blue LED fan as well it's very disconcerting looking into the case and seeing the heatsink looking as if it's going into meltdown... but at least I have a working PC again.

Plan for the next few hours... Have a coffee, call building Society, then move boxes to get at the last of the boxes that need cataloguing.
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