March 21st, 2007

Checking my watch

(no subject)

Went to bed about 10:30ish.

Read for half an hour

Turned out the light at 11pm.

Woke up at midnight.

Got a glass of water.

Went back to bed.

Woke up at 3am.

Tried to get back to sleep.

4am gave up trying to get back to sleep and got up.

4:13am posted this on LJ.
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Checking my watch

(no subject)

I must of got back to sleep around 7am the alarm went off at 8:30am. I switched it off and went back to sleep, until the postman just rang the doorbell. The Yorkshire pudding tin has arrived for my computer.

At least I feel fairly refreshed. Tonight I will try a small night cap, around 75cl of Rioja should do the trick.

I have a meeting with my financial consultant (salesman) at 1pm ... I had wanted to have got more done before going out.
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