April 9th, 2007

Checking my watch

Just back from the airport...

Ari dropped off. I am so crap at goodbyes... Well only with those people I don't want to leave.

Not sure when I'm going to see her again :-(

Waiting for money to come in from various places so can't book until I have enough cash. Had wanted to go over to see her in May, that's looking unlikely now. I have to be in US for Dr Paul's wedding at the end of July. Eeeek twice as much to fly in July as May! Also need to get Moses booked into cat hotel but can't until money comes in and the longer I leave it the less chance I'll be able to book the mog a space... Grrr....

I didn't sleep well last night... Cold has turned from sort throat to blocked nose, and I was waking up every hour on the hour.

I had thought about going to see Mr Moore today... however lack of sleep makes even Sunny Swindon seem too far away.

I'll check with him later and see when he's off this week. May go down then.

Ken Campbell is on at The Drill Hall tomorrow night... If I'm feeling awake I my trot up to London early see if I can get a ticket then spend the day at the British Library (I have a list of things to look up as long as yer arm).
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Checking my watch

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I just got a text from Ari... She had just got to ORD Chicago... I suspect the text had taken the long way round because I just checked her flight from Chicago to Dallas and it's just taken off. Hopefully the flight was over booked and she's on her way home. Hmmm... I see it took off 20 mins late.

Not really feeling all that with it right now. Lack of sleep and a cold I guess.
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