June 6th, 2007

Checking my watch

Olympic logo

Can't help wonder what Cayce (the central character in Pattern Recognition By William Gibson) would of made of this Logo. In the novel Cayce suffers from a condition that makes her ill on seeing logos... The more impact the logo, the better the logo, the worse she feels. She uses this to her advantage and become a free lance consultant specialising in logos... The better the logo is for marketing the worse she feels.

I imagine the the scene.

Cayce sits at a smoked glass and chrome table, opposite her 4 anxious executives wait for her reaction to the PowerPoint presentation... Up on the screen flashes the new London 2012 logo. The eldest of the executives, a pale man in a grey pin stripe suit, leans forward and asks "So Cayce, what do you feel?"
Cayce glances back at the screen and replies... "Nothing, nothing what so ever.".

I love this quote on the 2012 website...

"The new emblem is dynamic, modern and flexible. It will work with new technology and across traditional and new media networks."

I guess they mean it can be printed or put on a screen... Pretty cleaver huh? It seems to me that the company who came up with the logo (Wolff Olins) are better at selling logos than they are at designing them.  £400,000 for a crap logo... With this sort of spending no wonder the original budget of £2.375 billion is now at £9.3 billion.

Right now I want someone to point out it looks like a Cantonese character with a very rude meaning.
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Checking my watch

Long day...

Got up at 6am and stumbled around the flat trying to wake up... Buy 6:40am I was wide awake... due to diving into open air pool and it wasn't as warm as usual. Swam for an hour and lost count after 20 lengths.

Spent the day clearing up the flat... I'm at the stage where it's much worse than when I started. I have piles of old paperwork that needs destroying... Already had to fix the shredder twice. I now have 3 binbags of shredded paper that needs to go for recycling and there's still lots more to do.

The plan is to get the flat reasonably tidy before I go to see Ari next month.

Need to be up early and plan to swim again tomorrow. Also need to go to charity shop and drop off more stuff.

I have booked to go and see Gas Light at the Old Vic tomorrow night.
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