June 16th, 2007

Checking my watch


Back from the Bluebell Railway Victorian picnic trip... Very tired. Met old friend of my father's, Dave the signalman... I'm sure the first time I ever met him he was in the signal box at Sheffield Park, just as he was tonight... Got to be over 30 years ago!

It was a wonderful night... Big "thank you" to all at the Bluebell Railway for organising this.

More photos later... Most of mine are stereoscopic so will have to get them developed (let's hope the silly old fool put the batteries in the right way this time).

Can everyone who went please reassure me they got home safely?

I'm off to bed.. and I'm not setting the alarm.... Oh the bliss.

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Checking my watch

They are after my blood....

Only letter of the day...Invitation by National Blood Service to drop off a pint on the 28th of June.

I must remember to go... So much on right now it's likely to slip my mind.

Off to get stereoscopic film developed now and some breakfast.