June 29th, 2007

Checking my watch

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Still clearing in preparation for LA moving in... Is it still set for Monday? Hmmm... must check.

Woken up, from very strange dream, by the washing machine beeping to say it was "all finished with this load". I love the timer feature means I can set a load up the night before and when I get up one of the days chores is already done.

Blue Posts was good last night. Much beer was consumed.

Got home called Ari. Passed out.

Of to dry the piles of washing and grab some breakfast now.

Today I have to finish clearing the Kitchen and hall.
Checking my watch

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Lots done today but not much to the kitchen or hall as was planned.

Had to go to:

DIY store.

Storage unit (to drop off more stuff and get more boxes).


Tool shop.

Jack the stripper (picked up door)

Totally knackered....
Checking my watch

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I've found a hairbrush in my car that's not mine...

It has a few strands of pink hair on it.

I know 3 ladies with pink hair... Only 2 have been in my car... so it's either Pandora's or pvcdiva's... I'll keep an eye on them both and see who hasn't brushed their hair for a while ;-)
Checking my watch

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I've been repacking my dad's books tonight. The boxes I'd put them in were far too big and weighed too much... Probably how I injured my wrist last week.

Anyway... Moses has been acting very strangely all night... And it just dawned on me, he is probably smelling some very familiar scents as I open each box.

Only 3 more to go... Here's the result so far...
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