July 19th, 2007

Checking my watch

OK... What do I do now?

5am I got a call from my uncle's sheltered housing warden. Seems he was admitted to hospital 2 days ago!

Just spent nearly half an hour tracking him down at Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield.

He's in the CDU (clinical decision unit)... Spoke to the Staff Nurse and she doesn't think it's "too serious". He's lost weight and they are doing tests to see why. If he wasn't living alone he'd of been sent home.

Just checked with British Airways and I can change my booking and be home pretty quick if need be.

Not sure what to do :-(

The hospital now have my number, and I'll call every day. Sounds like he could be discharged by the time I got home.
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Checking my watch

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I've calmed down a tad.

OK Uncle (Cliff to his friends) in hospital... That's the best place for him for now.

Nothing I can do even if I was there.

Will keep calling for up dates.

Checked a few days and weeks ahead and I should be able to return at a day or two's notice looking at the airline website.