July 25th, 2007

Checking my watch

Cat at the hospital...

One of Ari's cats ended up being rushed to the emergency vets last night. One second he was jumping around playing next he was twitching on the floor. It was awful. Chris called Ari (she had to rush home from work, Chris found the cat carrier while I cradled the poor little guy on the floor... he was twitching only on one side. We were ready at the door when she rolled up. It was a head injury and the vet said it could go either way. He's so new to the collective he hadn't got a name so I suggested "Noah" (for luck) as Ari was filling in the admission form. Ari has to move him from the emergency vets this morning by 8am and get him over to her normal vets... Seems the emergency place is only open out of normal hours.

Ari was worried about leaving the cats this weekend anyway...

So I'm off to Seattle on my own today.

I haven't slept all night.
Checking my watch

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At DFW airport with some "Darn Hot Coffee".

Stepping in to airrorts I don't know always take me by surprise. I can never take in what's going on. Where each line is going. Where check in is, what check in looks like?

I hope Noah II is ok, dreading getting a call or text from Ari.

I have two 3 hour flights today and it is too early to get my head around the time zones I am crossing.

Only have 30mins between flights in Santa Ana so prob no up date untill Seattle.

Oh BTW I have booked a ticket for the Goffs on a boat (on the 22nd Sep).