August 16th, 2007

Checking my watch

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Went to see Dave in hospital yesterday. He hopes to be out tomorrow.

Went to bed around 10 last night, woke up around 3:30am... Lay there until 4am then decided with a "Bugger this for a game of solders" and got up. Went to the 24 hour supermarket to restock the cupboards.

Today I am off to see Cliff, it's his birthday. I got him another card, in case the one I sent from the US hasn't filtered through the hospital postal system yet.

I need to drop in at his flat and pick up a few things for him. It's a bugger of a journey from his place to the hospital. Looks like at least two buses an a lot of walking or come back into London and back out again. Bonkers!

I think I will go and pick up Moses tomorrow morning if I get a chance before going to meet Dave, if he is going to be leaving hospital.

Saturday I think I will try and see Uncle Nemesis and Andi, Sunday probably back at the hospital visiting Cliff.

Right now... I should be on my way up to Enfield in a couple of hours but I feel like crawling back into bed.
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Checking my watch

(no subject)

On my way home after going to see Cliff.

He's in a pretty bad way.

Dropped in on Christina on the way to waterloo.

Going home to bed.

Not feeling too good :-(