November 22nd, 2007

Checking my watch

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Manorexia last night were brilliant! Saw indigo_violet and bootpunk over on the groom's side of the church. Looking forward to the review by Unx... You can never tell if he's enjoyed a performance on the night. I was pretty impressed. But ask Unx what he thought and you invariably get the reply "reasonable" in his deadpan voice, then a few days later he'll write the gig up as one of the most aurally stimulating moments of his life. Although I guess I do much the same thing... in a "yes it was very good but let's not carried away" sort of way.

The concert was being videoed and I hope the footage will see the light of day sometime... but how many times have I seen cameras at performances and never seen the result?

Today I will mostly be clearing off all the junk on my laptop... need to make space for some video work next week.

Also need to clear space in a more physical sense in my bedroom... There's stuff in there still packed from Whitby... probably a ton of flyers and CDs I haven't looked at yet.

In other news I've been asked by a friend to engineer for him at a local pub gig. Not really sure I am up to the job... I've twiddled knobs (so to speak) at a couple of gigs in the past and I'm pretty sure the sound was good or okish despite of me being at the controls. Frankly I'm trying to get out of this. They are even talking about moving the gig to another night to suit me!
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Checking my watch

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I have been reading up on Francis Bacon in preparation for the lecture at Treadwells next week.

I particularly like this quote from his Colours of Good and Evil...
"He that hath wife and children hath given hostages to fortune; 
for they are impediments to great enterprises,
either of virtue or mischief."
It's the idea of great enterprises of mischief I like. None of your piddling about removing "wet paint" signs from park benches, we're talking big league mischief. Presumably along the lines of invade Poland... But that sort of takes the enterprise out of the realms of "mischief" and smack bang in the realm of very evil.

Strange how words meanings morph of the years.  I guess he could be using the word in it's meaning of the opposite of achieve... to come to a bad end.
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