December 4th, 2007


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I have Johnny Rotten's cold.

Dr Paul phoned last night. I may pop over and see him and Adrienne in New York early next year... Which I am already rather excited about.

I liked his parting advice. "Don't do anything fucking stupid".

I should write a list of stupid ideas I've been having recently.

Dr Paul also said exactly what I thought when I heard That The Sex Pistols were reforming for more gigs.... "Should of reformed PIL".
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Checking my watch

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I'm in Swindon... We are drinking coffee and putting off going to the pub for a while, so we don't peak too early.

Today I got rid of those 16 boxes of magazines! Jumps about and does a little dance! That's 31 boxes from the hall gone.

Roger Moore isn't as happy as me, because he couldn't get anything resembling Victorian glass... People keep offering him swirly 1970s glass... Most amusing to see Mr Moore's reaction.