January 15th, 2008

Checking my watch

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I've finally given in...

I've got an Oyster card.

Will Red Ken know where I go in London?

Will I get stuck at the barrier as I franticly and repeatedly slap the card on the touch pad desperately trying to find correct angle for the machine to read the card, causing people behind me to "tut" loudly? At least that is what seems to happen when I see the cards used in London.

Apparently I won't be able to use it from my station. But if I walk to Richmond I can use it on platforms 4 & 5 and sometimes 3... but not 1 & 2 unless I top up the card in a different way. Huh? So I am none too sure which trips I can and can't use it on... and judging from recent conversations I've heard between passengers and ticket collectors on my line, neither is anyone else.

I guess I've fallen off the cutting edge of technology. I now know how my grandmother felt when she got a TV with a remote control (and that only had 2 buttons).

As far as I can tell it's cheaper to get a one day travel card if I do my usual journeys up to central London... Which is bonkers as I live in Zone 4.

I will use the card for the first time today. Will my prejudices be proven unfounded or will I have some new grumbles about the system?
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Checking my watch

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Today was looking like being a dead-loss...

Went to 4 different places to buy various things. Nobody had what I wanted... PAH! Will have to try and track all this stuff down on-line tomorrow.

At least this evening was good.