March 9th, 2008

Checking my watch

Oh... Wonderful!

My bank has decided to change my credit card from VISA to Mastercard...

Trouble is I've booked a flight and one of the things airlines get really pissy about is turning up with a different credit card from the one you booked with. Had a long wait and was sent to wait even longer at the ticket desk last time the bank had to change my card number due to fraud. In the end I only got past check-in with a begrudging "I guess it'll be all right, but you'll have the same problem in the USA when coming back."... Which I didn't as it happens.

I guess I'll have to go the the airport even earlier.

Even more annoying the bank website won't give me a balance on either card. The new one isn't here yet but I guess it's on it's way. I wonder what happens if I don't use the new one? How long will it be before they switch off my old one. Hmmm... One more problem with this bank re credit cards and I'm switching. Now if they gave me 6 months free interest for switching over to Mastercard that would be different.
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Checking my watch

working on Uncle Nem's pc

I am round at Nemesis Towers trying to get the sound working on the pc. For some reason Wind'oh!s has lost all sound card software. And so has Unx. So we are waiting for the installation files to download, only trouble is Unx is the last man on Earth with dial up. So it would actually be quicker for me to drive home, download it there burn it to CD and drive back. It may even be quicker to ask one of you good people reading this to download it, burn it to CD and post it to us.

In other news I have been making progress with clearing the flat. Even found a lost camera. Was begining to think I had dreamed buying that. I will take it down to Cornwall to try it out. It's a Fed 3d camera.