August 26th, 2008

Checking my watch

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Today I got my car MOTed... It passed!

Then I visited Roger Moore.

Later I got to marvel at the stupidity of a guy who thought a "Card Table" was a table made from card. I was looking for a folding table in a DIY store (they do very little DIY stuff these days). So there I was looking at all the garden furniture wondering if they would have anything even slightly useful for camping and this chap comes over and asks if he could help... Probably not I thought but inquired if they had any folding tables. "Folding Tables?" he repeats trying to get the obviously alien concept in to his brain. "yes" say I "like a card table with out the felt"... and he actually replied "Made of card?". I was so tempted to say yes... Much later when I was driving home I wondered what he would of thought a drinks cabinet was made of?
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