September 9th, 2008

Checking my watch

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Very briefly...

Swordfest could of so easily been a washout... However even though tents were destroyed in the storm, people got very wet... it all went rather well, lesser folk would of given up and gone home but not the mighty stalwarts that make up swordfest. Photos will follow.

My car is knackered, steam coming out the exhaust pipe, it's getting through water like I get through beer and there is petrol getting into the water... I suspect a leak somewhere. Kevan is looking into it.

Up-shot is I'm carless. woodlandguy followed me from Cornwall to Kevan's workshop and then drove on to Pinkwitch Towers. Where I am getting clean, warm, fed and getting the loan of a car... Because tomorrow I have to be in Dover to pick up a guitar.

I hope to be home sometime on Thursday.
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