December 16th, 2008

Checking my watch

Today I....

Went to the bank, was told to call credit cards services... came home and did just that, then got transferred to just about every Lloyds TSB department there is. Seems my enquiry can't be dealt with by anyone... until Friday. can't help wondering if the person who told me that is off on Friday.

Wrote some Christmas cards, and run out of cards... Must get more.

Went to Woolworths, the place looked like it had been looted. I suppose it will be the last time I set foot in a Woolworths. Although I am tempted to go over to Ashford to say goodbye the the branch there, where I remember standing on tiptoe to look at the toy counter. I also remember the dreaded trip there at the end of the summer holidays to equip me for another year at school.

Took a look around a few Twickers charity shops... got very abrupt service from a disproving old woman in on charity shop. I don't think she liked the title of the book I got. I'll will be surreptitiously adding this book to Jem and Jo's toilet bookshelf when I next visit.

I've also been researching a pattern or twenty for my costume in the film next year... I guess I should run it by the director... Comes to something when the actor has to design his own costume ;-) Now who can I get to help me with the difficult bits? That would be the difficult bits of the costume not the difficult bits of the acting. Hmmm... I wonder how many costume changes I can get away with in one scene?

Tomorrow I may be cutting the first piece of wood for my new bedroom... not sure if this bit will count because it's a new top for the table saw, so I'll save the ceremony for the day I cut the first piece that's actually going to be part of the room.
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