February 6th, 2009

Checking my watch

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I need a big van... It seems the cheapest place I can get 8'X4' sheets of 18mm ply is also the place without any board cutting service.

Hmmm... Unless I take a cordless circular saw and chop the boards in the carpark? I wonder how many I could cut before someone come over and says "Oi! You can't do that here".

Today I put in a shelf to support the sagging cooker-hood. It's been at a crazy angle since I put it in... oh must be 8 years ago. And now it's all nice and plumb it looks odd to me having got used to its old crooked look.

Dropped in on Dave this evening then on to see Louis and watch Doctor Who vids. This evening it was Carnival of Monsters. I think the Doctor is due revisit to Inter Minor.

Right now I'm waiting for something to finish on ebay, then I'm off to bed.
Checking my watch

(no subject)

Strangest news today... 15,000 calls to the police about people throwing snowballs!

And in other news (as they say)...

It seems Tim is stuck on a hill somewhere in Devon with hundreds of other people. Strange hearing him on the news as the BBC's man on the spot.

I'm off to bed now... Tim if you get home and are reading this... send us a text to let us know you're OK.

On the plus side I got what I wanted on ebay.