February 18th, 2009

Checking my watch

My Mac...

My Mac...just sits on the desk... It has 3 functions.

It's the Web server mirror.

It's the mail server mirror.

It does seti@home.

oh and Grish uses it for Web surfing, so that's 4 functions.

Just noticed from my BOINC stats that it hasn't been running seti for about 3 weeks. Just had to reinstall BOINC... and what a fiasco that turned out to be.

I don't like Macs.
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Checking my watch

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Will I didn't make it down to the doctor this morning. Ironically I felt too crappy to get to the surgery.

I'll try tomorrow.

Grrr... my phone has run flat.

But on a plus side the J&L tool catalogue has arrived. 1714 pages of metal working tools!

And just as I was writing this, the guitar I was waiting for arrived. That's a major relief because I banked the cheque for it yesterday.

Now where's my package from Florida?