March 12th, 2009

Checking my watch

Tiny rant.

Something that's been bothering me recently... Podcasts or rather podcast that aren't really podcasts. I like podcasts, I download quite a few a week, put them on my media player, burn them to an mp3 CD to play in the car, stick them on a memory card to play on my digital radio. So what's the problem? I'll tell you... Sites that list something as being a "podcast" when it's streamed audio, this is materiel that the sites owners or designers want to keep as on-line content only. So to the many sites that think streamed audio is a podcast, YOU ARE WRONG AND STOP CALLING IT A RUDDY PODCAST! Of course I know pretty much any streamed content is only a mouse click away from being turned into pod friendly media... But I don't think that's the point.

In other news...

I am pleased have received an email from those very nice people at Make Magazine informing me the latest edition is on the way. As a subscriber I could look at the on-line copy... but I rather enjoy reading it in hard-copy with a big cup of coffee, or even better (for some strange reason) on a long flight.

And... Had a very nice evening down the pub with Grish. We went armed with photo ID, due to Grish being rather rudely challenged about her age last time she went to this particular pub. We need not of bothered, under my calming influence the same barman became as nice as pie and really rather friendly, either that or he's been on a public relations course. I was looking forward to Grish showing him her passport and then whipping out my passport too before he could ask my age. Alas those days of being challenged for proof of age in drinking establishments are long behind me. I did get asked for ID in a restaurant in Texas a couple of years ago but it wasn't because I looked under 21, it seemed that we were in a county that still hadn't fully repealed prohibition.
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