September 22nd, 2009

Checking my watch

Yesterday was my birthday.

The plan was a day of art galleries and an evening of real ale. Good plan and that's what I got.

Started at the Tate Britain, meet Andi and started wandering the galleries. One painting I was keen on seeing was Richard Dadd's "". But that was out on loan (probably having the Babbage digital watch painted over) You either get that or you haven't read "The Witches of Chiswick". After a spot of lunch we moved on to the National Gallery.

After the National we walked up to Treadwells hoping to drop in on Christina, unfortunately I had forgot Christina was in Seattle. So after a browse of the books we headed for The Sherlock Holmes pub, via a quick drink at the Lyceum Tavern.

Arrived at The Sherlock Holmes pub to find The Witch of Pinkness waiting outside with a phone pressed to her ear. Rather a nice surprise because I didn't think she was going to be able to make it due to work and meetings.

Went in got seated, spread ourselves out over a couple of tables and waited for the others to arrive. We were soon joined by Charlotte, Ian, Unx, Demetra, Sini... Though possibly not in that order... things became a little fuzzy as the night went on. Alan and David didn't make it, I thought flying in at 6pm and expecting to be in a pub ready state was a little optimistic... The plan was to have included a wander down to Chinatown for supper but I made the executive decision to remain in the pub and eat there, because moving on was in danger of splitting up our party.

I couldn't believe how quickly the evening went. Next thing I knew I was on the train home. Clutching a big bag of gifts and cards, trying not to fall asleep and miss my stop.

Today I'm back to doing normal dull stuff like laundry, spreadsheets (Ooo! I'm £30 better off a month than I though I was) and unpacking from the weekend away.
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