February 1st, 2010

Checking my watch

I was in a bit of a dilemmer.

I needed a book to chop-up and make into a fake book. Trouble is this in effect damages the book, and I can't bring myself to harm a book.

I decided I needed an authour I had so little respect for I didn't mind damaging one of their books. So I have just purchased a Jeffrey Archer novel for 50p from a charity shop in Kingston. Now I have no worries about chopping up one of his books, but I do worry I may get knocked down and killed on the way home and there in my personal affects will be a Jeff Archer book. Oh the shame!
Checking my watch

(no subject)

I can now use my Oyster Card at my local station. I'm still deeply suspicious of the Oyster but no worries about having to travel without a ticket when the station isn't staffed and the ticket machine is full of expanding urethane foam.

I now want to surgically implant the Oyster RFID chip into my wrist.
Checking my watch

In other news....

Tomorrow I need to be at the British Library just before it opens at 9:30am, and down the pub by 6pm. One of those ambitions is more likely to be realised than the other.